Top 4 Microwave Cooking Indian Recipes: The Fast and Easy Cooking

The most difficult part of cooking in a microwave is to know if the food is cooked well or raw. If you are no sure it can lead to some burnt food that is quite inedible. Let us look at some of the best food that can be cooked in a microwave.

Benefits of Using of The Microwave for Cooking

The way in which food is cooked in a microwave by having heat passed all over the food. The amount of heat depends on the power at which you have kept for the oven. This is very easy to use and saves a lot of cooking fuel. If cooked well you can save a lot of time and energy in cooking.

Get the Electric Microwave Cooking to Work

The microwave cooking cause the power ranges from five hundred to a thousand. The microwave cooking of Indian recipes can be quite difficult as most of the cooking requires a lot of stirring. This is why it would take a lot of time and effort to look at some of the food which is best cooked in a microwave. This is your list from what we have tried as the easiest microwave cooking Indian recipes. You should make sure all the tips are followed to get the best if not it may go south very soon.

Tips and Tricks of Microwave Cooking of Indian Recipes

There are many stories of the radioactive waves from the microwave. This however is something for all to keep handy when cooking in a microwave. Make sure the dish is placed in the center so that the heat is transferred evenly. Make sure the dish is larger so that whatever you are making can expand. Do not use metal as that can cause sparks. Make sure you close the lid if it has sauce and can also use aluminum foil. This is when you can go ahead and look at some of the best microwave cooking Indian recipes. These are mostly sweets as we would like to get some sweet for all that like this a lot. We are looking at cakes, cookies, fudges and even fish. Just try whatever you like and let us know as well whatever works for you. Take the best for the best microwave recipes for you to try.

1. Easy Chocolate Fudge Recipe Using Microwave

Chocolate fudge recipe is one of the favorite of the easy cooking Indian recipes. It is very soft and melts in your mouth.

2. How to Prepare Gajar Ka Halwa Using Microwave

We all like the slowly cooked Gajar ka Halwa also known as carrot halwa. This is a carrot dish which is cooked in milk or khova. There is nothing better than some homemade halwa for you. This is where you would add grated carrot which is mixed with 2 spoons of clarified butter, milk, raisins, almonds, cardamom and all this is cooked for half hour. This is one of the easy cooking Indian recipes for all.

3. Prepare Cake in One Minute Using Microwave

This is a cake which can be part of a very important breakfast. Just add vanilla, cookies, milk oil and all the rest of the cake ingredients and cook this for one minute and you are ready. This recipe is the fastest to make it ready also it tastes yummy.

4. Caramel Custard Using Micro Oven

This is a caramel custard created with sugar, eggs and milk. This is very delightful to create and easy for kids to prepare.