Top 10 Ideas of How to Be a Preppy Guy

How to be a preppy guy and to look like prep is different thing as most of the tips are only directed for the girls who are preppy. But here are some guidelines that are especially for boys and specify how to act as well as become a preppy guy. Thus, here are some preppy outfit ideas and preppy style clothes for men and they are listed below.

1) Develop Clean and Comfortable Look: 

Purchase the belts that are cool and classic looking, preferably tan or light brown. And make sure that the belt is made up of leather if it comes with the dress or a dress belt, if it is for any casual occasion then canvas it with leather tips.

2) Pick Scent and Stick with It: 

Do not use shampoos, body wash, conditioners, after shave, cologne along with the deodorant of different scent. Just consider to purchase a matching set and do not over use it.

3) Wear Cool Looking Glasses: 

Try to use rim less glasses and practice to clean them neatly and every day that provide a sophisticated look. If you wear some preppy menswear styles then it will work well with them. Most of the preppies from history won nerdy glasses, and the subculture overlaps along with preppies thus most of the glasses can work.

4) Keep Simple Hairs: 

Common preppy hairstyle is a shaggy look, fluffy look, or hair parted on short and from side. And most of the preppy guys are returning back to shorter haircuts from long hair style.

5) Always be Fresh and Neat Too: 

Always keep your nails clean and trimmed. Provide moisture to your lips, and comb as well as shave according to your need. Avoid tattoos and also try to get pierced.

6) Look Healthy: 

Get toned as well as take some sun color, but do not burn your skin and to protect yourself from such condition you have to use sunscreen. Do not use some tanning beds, just drink water in large quantity, includes vitamins and protein in your diet.

7) Participate in sports: 

One has to join some kind of sports as it is included in the men’s preppy fashion, even if you are not interested in sports but make sure that you have to make yourself fit.

8) Must be Friendly and Outgoing: 

Little shy is fine but behave nicely, just smile and avoid making people angry by your loud voice and being obnoxious and remain courteous with everyone. Forget to talk about money as it may put people off. Just be cool with other people as sometimes preps become friends with different social groups.

9) Be Hard Worker: 

Study harder and just remember to maintain your grades, as preps are also known by their hard work or being smart always being on top of their lifestyle and looks.

10) Read Etiquette Books: 

Reading such books shows that people one have has good upbringing. Use some of the basic politeness like thank you, please, sorry and excuse me. Keep your phone on vibrate at public places.