Top 10 Handmade Beaded Jewelry Ideas or Costume Jewelry

Everybody likes to wear homemade jewelry made up of beads. There are some very best patterns as well as best beaded jewelry ideas which is perfect for any occasion and can be wear anytime. The bead jewelry patterns are quite good for the beginners as they do not need any tool but just use some simple techniques of knotting. Thus, there are top 10 handmade beaded jewelry ideas or making jewelry ideas and they are as follows-

1) Beaded Leather Lracelet:

Beaded leather bracelet

If a person is a beginner or have less time to make the jewelry made up of beads then making beaded leather bracelet is one of the easiest way to save your time and for making a beaded leather bracelet one should need few materials and required to add thread just before you finish. Do not miss the wonderful trend of leather along with the bead wrap bracelet. 

2) Simple Beaded Necklace:

Simple Beaded Necklace

This lovely, elegant and non-shape necklace made up of bead is quite delicate and feminine. Following the instruction of making seed bead necklace will create a beautiful necklace through pearl centers.

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3) Cute Christmas Tree Earrings:

Cute Christmas Tree Earrings

Earrings made up of crystal beads will be going to a best gift to the person who is your dear one or love one. It can be made for men also and one can add some different color beads for making it more attractive.

4) Christmas Tree Elegant Earrings: 

Christmas Tree Elegant Earrings

These earrings will be great for decorating tree, hanging necklaces and even a tag of dangling gift. It is a design made up of single beaded jewelry which never out dated and out of style in the entire period of year. 

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5) Evening Sparkle Bracelet: 

Evening Sparkle Bracelet

This would be a fun to make such type of sparkling bracelet. It use right angle weave along with netting. It can be made in three different stages and stop at any of the three to provide a different look.

6) Ribbon Lariat Necklace: 

Ribbon Lariat Necklace

Metallic ribbon with silvery bugle beads including echo pearl luster with the subtle sheen. The pendant can be made easily with molding out the ribbon and providing any required shape.

7) Easy Turquoise Necklace: 

Easy Turquoise Necklace

An easy project which makes a statement of beautiful necklace, easy and perfect for dressing with any of the outfit or one can say it as costume jewelry. This can be dressed up with any party dress and with t-shirt or jeans.

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8) Beautiful Flower Earrings in Green as Well as Peach: 

Beautiful Flower Earrings in Green

Theses beautiful and elegant earrings made up of flowers that also include beads must have to be hold in a place through a wire which is very thin. Since the wire that is used for making earrings is very flexible and beads can be made easily.

9) Vintage Brooch Necklace: 

Vintage Brooch Necklace

The vintage brooch necklace is a best way of using mismatched as well as the broken earrings along with the brooches which are cluttering to your jewelry box. This necklace can be dressed up with any outfit.

10) Leather and Bead Wrap Bracelet: 

Leather and Bead Wrap Bracelet

With this mess of various colors, one should not believe that the beads used for making the bracelet are the circuit breakers. It would be great examples that will quite gorgeous jewelry that is available from anything lying around.