Having Gadgets Like This? You are the Lucky One Then

Gadgets always help in making some best things that can be gifted or used as a functional gadget. Thus, the best way for selecting gadgets is to go with the smallest, functional as well as the greenest gadget one can. Selecting a right gadget is not a daunting task, just make a few smart choice and limiting yourself will definitely provide you the benefit which technology will bring by avoiding many downsides.

Thus, here is a list of top 10 gadgets used in 2014 with high technology that save most of the time and are quite useful to the people are:



It is a most important thing while traveling, as it help in staying in touch with the family members, business partners, backing the photos as well as to while away the time at the lounges.

Luggage Tracker: 

Luggage tracker

The trakdot luggage tracker help in finding the missing luggage with the help of GSM monitor. In case you missed your luggage then simply connect the monitor with an app on your phone and you can easily find your luggage.

Solar Recharger: 

Solar recharger

If you like to go green or travelling at the place where electricity connectivity is rare or problems in connecting electric powers than it is good to take solar recharger like MI Suny, as it is perfect and good for recharging the iPhones.



Nowadays android phones are able to capture the photos, but a camera is quite important if one is interested in capturing quality picture images while one travel. Thus, it is good to use a camera that is shock proof, water proof, along with it is able to take heat and clod also.

Leather Touch Screen Gloves:

Leather touch screen gloves

 These gloves are suitable for colder months which allow the person for operating the android phone without taking off the gloves.



It is best gadget for the person who often apt to party, as one can easily checks the level of blood alcohol with the help of this gadget and a plus point of this gadget is it can be easily placed in your pocket or a purse.

3D Back Massager: 

3D back massager

The 3D massager can be used anywhere and is a best way for relieving stress and tension as it is portable and effective also.

Watch Phones:

Watch phones

A latest gadget or a set of toy that can be a next thing in technology is the watch which will work on voice command. It is a combination of three gadgets like a phone, a text message device, as well as a watch.



 It is not possible to rely on hotels as well as any café for the internet connection, just take a private subscription at private Wi fi site and one will be going to able to login in their own Wi Fi at the time when private code is being used.

Virtual Keyboard: 

Virtual keyboard

A best thing for techie in a person life. The virtual keyboard also project on the flat surface like a functional keyboard that allow a person for quick and easy typing with tablet, smartphone and on laptop.