Getting Kids to Eat: Top 5 Healthy Recipes for Kids

Kids are noted to be meticulous eaters, making them eating something is very difficult. You have to get them to eat healthy let alone eat in the first police. The whole idea is to make sure that kids get away from the natural preferences that they have developed. Most kids love one form of food and we need to look at getting them to try the other healthy varieties as well. Make sure you win over the kids with these Indian recipes for kids.

How to Get Your Very Little Ones to Eat Indian Recipes for Kids?

We have an answer to the above question. We need to make sure that healthy food is disguised as their favorite food and you have the solution for perfect food for youngsters. When creating healthy food you should make them look appealing while at the same time gives all the goodness that the children need. The requirements of nutrition for younger children are different from teenagers. The kids like shapes and anything out of the ordinary excites them. You can make rotis with stuffing and add shapes and different colors to them. Add spinach to the roti and make them green. You can add curd and mango as one combination, even sweet lassi is a good option to try. Listed below are the easy Indian recipes for kids which are easy to cook and great to eat.

Eat Together With Your Children for His or Her Well-Being

Make sure the menu for cooking is built again from scratch. You can give them pizza that they like the most, however instead of a wheat base you can add multi grain base. Add this along with veggies as the toppings. You can make cookies from multi grain dough. You can do this to help reduce the craving they would have in between meals. These would them form the healthy recipes for kids that would help let your kids be happy and hearty. Apart from all of the above, presentation is also an important part of getting the children to eat. You can create smilies, faces and even animal shapes to get them to be interested in what they see. Want them to eat watermelon, look at creating watermelon balls and cool them, making it look like a new food variety which is shaped and cold to eat.

Here is the List of Indian Recipes for Kids

1. Oats Idli Recipe:

This is where the idli’s become feather light and all this made with oats, easy to eat and digest south Indian recipes. Making your mornings a happy with a light start.

2. Dal Ka Paratha Recipe for Kids:

You may have left over daal at home. Just don’t throw them away, add them to the chapatti dough and make some round rajasthani moong daal ka paratha for your kids.

3. Methi Ka Thepla Recipe:

This is from the land of thepla. Tasty to eat, add some methi to the atta when creating thepla.

4. Moong Dal Cheela Recipe:

This is Indian pancakes, made from moong dal. This is the pulses that are easy for the children to eat. Take a batter and add some veggies and then spread them like dosa.

5. Misal Pav Recipe:

This is your conventional Maharashtrian breakfast. Just get some pav with some veggies added, grate veggies and put into it, if the kids are picky eaters.