Foods That Keep You Fit This Spring Summer

SPRING.. That time of the year when we all love to jog in the mornings, take a big leap in revaming wardrobe with active wears and stylish camisoles, etc. Well, it's also the time when our skin gets tanned, skin begins dry and hair becomes frizzy. Need to pamper our body with healthy white lotions, peach milk moisturizers and stay hydrated taking lots of liquid food. 

Sometimes there is a blip in temperatures, sometimes the nature welcomes with the breeze -- we would crave a vanilla delight with hot chocolate sause, savor organic yogurts and yearn for yumm watermelon lemonade. Yes, you heard is correct. Spring-Summers is exactly the time when we usually love to indulge in yummy food and rely on foods that are lighter on body.

Summer is the time  when the body enters in a touch-and-go situation with dehydration, lathergy and many a people have to visit their physicians. It is said to witness  that the predicament of patients affected with sunstroke, dryness, and heat stroke will be high during this season. With nature's beauty and birds' tweets in the morning, this beautiful season also comes with distress, uneasiyness and will not let you go outdoors and stop you enjoying nature's beauty, if you're ill.

So what can help you get rid of spring or summer uneaziness and make you enjoy lovely season? What foods to ensure you stay fit and balance your daily routine, and what are essential foods that ensure good health throughout this season? Okay, take a look at the below mentioned food to eat in spring and summer.

Foods that help you stay healthy during Spring/Summer

Load up on Seasonal Fruits and Veggies

Seasonal Fruits and Veggies Chart

Apricots, blackberries, watermelon, raspberries, plums, peaches, strawberries, mango are loaded with plenty of Vitamin A, B, C, B6, potassium and carotenes. They increase body liquid levels, fight heat stroke and boost stamina. And when it comes to vegetables, eat loads of seasonal vegetables like cucumber, bottle guard, amaarnath leaves, bootle guard, pumpkin, snake guard and more.

Drink Plenty of Juices

Drink Plenty of Juices

During summer, we sweat much. It's important to take plenty of liquids to balance the water levels in our body. Drink fruits and vegetables' juices. Take iron rich fruits such as peaches, raisins, custard apple, watermelon, black currants and strawberries in the form of juices.

Eat all Season-available Food

Seasonal Healthy Food

Grains such as jowar, ragi, wheat grains, whole wheat which are rich in proteins and iron; nuts and dry fruits like cashew nuts, gingelly seeds, almonds, watermelon seeds and more are rich in iron. These foods help you keep haemoglobin levels.

Include the above listed foods in your diet during spring and summer. We are pretty sure these foods help keep your seasonal blues away.