Enjoy Preparing Top 10 Best Easy Indian Recipes for All

This is where we would start looking at some of the top 10 best easy Indian recipes. This is the where you should start searching something you want to find easy to cook when you are hungry. Cooking is not as easy as you think; this is the reason we are going to keep the recipes simple and quick to cook recipes. Take your pick from the list and make the best of time.

How to Get the Easy Indian Food Recipes?

Best easy Indian food recipes look at some of different characteristics. There is taste, health and something simple. This would help anyone who is interested to save time and cook fast. We all know it is not for all to cook, this is your list for the best. This has been a serious challenge to make this list of the best easy Indian recipes. This would be a list which represents India. You can look at the Indian recipes below and then make up some more as you go along. This is for your taste buds and the goodness of the Indian spices that go into them.

Here are 10 best Indian recipes:

1. Mutton Rogan Josh Recipe:


This is one of the famous dishes from Kashmir. This is where the meat with a blend of different spices would bring about the change for your tasty food. The main spices you can straight away recognize are fennel seeds, garam masala, Bay leaf and even turmeric. This is one of the best non veg recipe that every non vegetarian would love to eat.

2. Butter Chicken Recipe:

We we present another non vegetarian food step by step video how to cook butter chicken. This is one of the most eaten recipes from around the world. This is the Punjabi recipe, pride which has taken all meat lovers by storm. This is marinated chicken in a mixture of spices with a lot of butter and cream. It is also the manner in which it is cooked, simple yet very tasty to be eaten with chapati’s or nan.

3. Bhapa Aloo Recipe:

So Bengali’s are known to have a penchant for cooking aloo in almost everything. This is one of Bengali’s recipe with the richness of spices. There is the flavor of Panch phoron, coconut paste and lots of mustard oil. This is easy and very satisfying.

4. Banjari Gosht:

This is the Rajasthani flavor in the form of meat. This is very rare as most Rajasthani dishes are vegetarian but this is a non-veg dish from Rajasthan.

5. Chicken Stew Recipe with Appam:

This is from the gods own country. Know how to make chicken stew recipe along with appam. Kerala is known for fresh fish and lots of coconut. This is the chicken dish from the same palette. This is chicken which is cooked with spiced and lots of coconut in the gravy. Chicken Stew is eaten along with appams are best and easy Indian recipes for all.

6. Kakori kebab Recipe:

This is from the best formula from the Nawabi capital of Lucknow. People are known to have very good manners. This is why this dish from the outskirts of Lucknow is famous from the town of Kakori kabab recipe. This is the lamb meat marinated in spices.

7. Special Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani:

This is for the foodies. Simple dish cooked with rice, chicken and lots of spices. Most of the Hyderabadi recipes are spicy and so would this Biryani be as well. Make sure you have loads of raita if you are not much for spices. The food is cooked in the dum style, best and liked by most around the world.

8. Dhokla Recipe:

This is a Gujarati Recipe, which is known for different variety of cooking. This is the steamed and healthy version of easy food recipe. This is gram flour which is then steamed to make the softest food; this is also healthy as well.

9. Sali Boti Korama Recipe:

This is the parsi food which is a combination of hot and sweet. Here the mutton chunks are very succulent, and they are cooked in tomatoes, onion and ghee. The most prominent flavor in this dish is the flavor of turmeric and ginger. This is best eaten with potato dishes.

10. Idli and Sambhar Recipe:

Here some the most popular south Indian breakfast recipe. This is a Indian healthy recipe which is eaten for breakfast across most south Indian homes. This is steamed and eaten with Sambar and chutney. Best breakfast for all.